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What is the 2 Week "Start Up" Challenge?

  • The Challenge is to take 6 Classes in 2 Weeks - when you do we'll credit the $49 you paid for the Challenge towards your next packageĀ 
  • Your 2 Weeks Begins On The Day Of Your First Class (not when you buy the Challenge)
Stress is Causing Tension and Tightness
Move the Body
Focus the Mind
From: John Yax - Co-founder of Hot House Yoga
"After a decade of training in Mixed Martial Arts šŸ„‹ 2-3 times per day (if you want Bruce Lee like results, you must put in Bruce Lee like hours)... and on the verge of a broken body... I got the news...

Acute Stress Disorder!

How was that possible?

I was eating well, I worked out every day, had no major stressors (this was pre-business and BC (Before Children) šŸ˜†

Why was this test showing up with these results?

It went on to say that all signs indicated that I was suffering from ASD...

and if I didnā€™t radically change some things in my life I would have some serious health problems!

Oh šŸ’©!!!

Thatā€™s when my search beganā€¦

I played with meditation like my dad taught me when I was a kidā€¦ I changed up the intensity of my weekly trainingsā€¦

But it wasnā€™t until I experienced my first hot yoga class that everything changed...

I felt this shift happen while laying still on the floor at the end of the classā€¦Ā 

My body was completely relaxed.Ā 
My mind was quiet.Ā 
And I felt this sense of peace that I had never experienced.Ā 

It was all there... physical, mental and emotional well being!

It was kind a like hitting the pause button for my mindā€¦ and a reset button for my body and heartā€¦ .

Within a month of practicing, my numbers were normal again and my body was healing."
Ā What Healed Me?
1. Activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS)- Stress is a killer. And there is a raft of research out there on the benefits of deep, focused, breathing. In short, it activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System which is responsible for calming the Central Nervous System, ie. eliminating stress. Our Parasympathetic Nervous System is kinda like our inner relaxation coach.Ā 

2. Getting Stronger NOT more FlexibleĀ - Sounds crazy right!? The truth is that weakness precedes tightness. If a certain area of your body is WEAK, other areas TIGHTEN UP... to do the work of the weak body part. For instance, if your core is weak, your low back will tighten up, potentially resulting in low back pain. You can stretch your back out all you want, but if you don't strengthen your core, your low back will be tight forever.Ā 

3. Coordinating Breath and Movement -Ā  When you combine the practice of breathing deeply and moving mindfully into one experience (ie. a Hot House Yoga class), you can't help but be totally present, in the now. That's the entry point to access your calmest, most relaxed state of mind possible WHILE strengthening the areas of the body that are keeping you stuck in tightness.Ā Ā 

Hot House Yoga teaches you how to cultivate a STRONGER BODY and a more FOCUSED MIND to be FREE of TENSION and TIGHTNESS for good
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Take The 2 Week "Start Up" Challenge
Take 6 Classes in 2 Weeks - Get $49 towards your next PackageĀ 
More Great Testimonials...
Take The 2 Week "Start Up" Challenge
Take 6 Classes in 2 Weeks - And your 2 Weeks will be FREEĀ 
(we'll credit the $49 towards your next Package)Ā 
A Few More Awesome Testimonials...
Take The 2 Week "Start Up" Challenge
Take 6 Classes in 2 Weeks - Get $49 towards your next PackageĀ 
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Take The 2 Week "Start Up" Challenge
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